Custom Countertops & Granicrete

We are trying to help our clients in these eco– and dollar-conscious times.

Granicrete Resurfacing is one of the required surfaces that we have found in need of redecoration in many homes and businesses is the kitchen and bathroom countertop. There are many tired countertops out there that have been abused, damaged or just don’t fit in the new color scheme and are ready for beautiful resurfacing.

Check out our amazing before and after gallery photos. All this was done at a fraction of the cost of granite or marble without demolishing the existing bathroom or kitchen. Did you notice we made the edge look thicker?

We have a system that will allow us to create “stone” surfaces that meet and exceed the ‘real thing”!  Here are some of the key advantages our system has compared to granite or marble:

  • Can be applied over existing substrates; granite cannot, and often require an entire support system as reinforcement.
  • Allow custom created artistic finishes that complement any interior scheme, existing décor and textiles.
  • Absolutely will not stain; granite stains easily with fruit, peanut butter, olive oil, bacteria, etc.
  • Heat-resistant surface that can withstand 500 degrees of indirect heat and is completely waterproof; granite can discolor or crack from heat and is porous.
  • Large areas have the appearance of one continuous piece; large granite areas always have seams where pieces are glued together.
  • Limitless edging possibilities; granite offers limited and expensive profiled edges.
  • Our ingredients are completely safe with low VOC’s; granite is polished and sealed with extremely high-VOC penetrating sealers.
  • Completely radon-free; most granite has at least trace amounts of radon, and many hold toxic levels of radon because it is extremely porous.
  • USDA-approved. You can eat right off the counter! You will never eat right off of granite at a restaurant.


No need to demolish the existing counter which ends up adding to the huge amounts of garbage at waste sites.

See some of our work.