Moldings, Venetian Plaster, and Marble Finishes

The inspiration behind the paint technique of tortoiseshelling comes form the Far East. In these countries they use the shell of the sea tortoise as an inlay for small pieces of furniture. However, the turtle was declared an endangered species, and the paint technique became popular. This technique is particularly successful when it is use on small objects like accent boxes, light fixtures, tables, chairs, and picture frames. We used the accent to frame a living room ceiling which also had a gilded technique added to the custom molding.

The stringers on the marble staircase were marbleized to match the marble treads.
This is a classical technique which should be done selectively to be convincing. It is best done on areas which might have been made from the real thing, such as fireplaces or architectural details like columns. A large plaster range hood was given a marble accent to go with the rustic designed kitchen and give it a look of solid marble.

Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster has been around a long time. Artisans have been creating beautiful accents with the use of limestone plasters colored with natural ingredients for centuries.
There is evidence of its use dating as far back as 9,500 years in the area of present-day Jordan. They are still visible if you travel through the Mediterranean countries now softened with a rich patina by age or decorated with various techniques such as

Tromp L’Oeil.
The Old World technique starts by processing limestone rocks from rivers or quarries.
They are exposed to heat, water and time to turn the limestone into an amazing “lime putty”. Mixing the lime putty with colorants like ground marble dust allows artisans to create limitless effects that can be used in many styles such as Old World, Contemporary, Tuscan and Traditional. The product is applied with a steel trowel and then “burnished” to create a look that is either soft like suede or smooth like marble.

Imitation Gilding– This is very popular paint technique which can be use to give almost any object an embellished or highly gilded look, depending on the desired effect. You can see this technique used on moldings, ceiling medallions and the raised panels in a grand foyer. Silver accents can be added to a contemporary designed room for a sleek and simple finishing touch.

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