Custom Wallpaper & JaDecor

Many people enjoy the look of textured walls and ceilings but want to have the option to change and remove them easily. That is one of the reasons we began creating custom wallpaper.

A fun and timeless finish can be added with real glass beads. Our glass beaded wallcoverings are not only stunning to look at but are also surprisingly eco-friendly as glass is a sustainable product. Add a captivating look to any space!

We have a great modern crinkled paper look that would be a perfect accent for a focal wall in a more contemporary setting.

All our papers can be custom made to go with your fabrics, furnishings, and textiles. We can create samples prior to ordering so that you are sure to get exactly what you have envisioned for your wallpaper accent.

JaDecor- Custom Wallcoverings:


An artist developed JaDecor 30 years ago in Germany. Her idea was to create an elegant and functional wall finish that was eco-friendly and used no petrochemicals. Cotton is the main ingredient. Other components include plant fiber, silk, minerals and other natural materials and effects (colored cotton, silk, micas, threads, glitter, and silk dyes) that can also be added to customize the finish for you. The design capability of JaDecor is unlimited! JaDecor is the perfect finish for both residential and commercial applications. Our customers rave about JaDecor and many have multiple applications in their homes and businesses.

Benefits include:

• Acoustic and thermal value, home theaters, entryways, conference rooms
• Durable, long lasting, easily repairable (30 year history)
• Seamless (trowel application)
• Regulates humidity in bathrooms
• Natural material
• Customizable colors and added accent offer unlimited designs
• Rapidly growing new green market-15 year history in US
• US Class A Fire Rating great for commercial applications
• Healthy living-surrounded by nature

Click here to see pictures of custom wallpapers and wall-coverings!