Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Wouldn’t you like to save thousands of dollars by repainting your existing cabinets? Get an estimate to remove your old cabinets and counter tops and replace them with new ones to see exactly how much money can be saved. You may want to sit down before you look at the price.

The kitchen is a very important part of the home which often gets the most use. Good quality cabinets can last longer than the style or color you want for the kitchen area. A standard maple cabinet can be transformed into a deep rich mahogany look which when coupled with a light gray wall and new sleek hardware gives the kitchen a contemporary look.

We paint the cabinets with catalyzed resin paint. Catalyzed resin painting is the most professional way to refinish your cabinets and furniture. Unlike normal painting it is sprayed on and will not have brush or roller marks. Catalyzed resin is also more durable than painting because of the catalyst or hardener in the resin. This makes it easier to clean and it will not fade or wear. The paint comes in any color and when we are all done it looks like a smooth factory finish.

The steps involved to painting the cabinets start out with a free estimate and show samples of the work and finishes available. We remove all the doors and drawer fronts and bring them back to our shop, where they are prepped, primed, and painted in our spray booth for a perfect factory finish. The cabinets are prepared and finished the same way as the doors and drawers. We maintain a clean and safe job site throughout the length of the project allowing the customer to have full use of the kitchen at all times.

  • We maintain constant contact prior to and throughout the course of the job
  • Use only top quality paints, products and equipment
  • Insured
  • Schedule the project according to your needs
  • Label and leave all the extra paint
  • Our work and your satisfaction are guaranteed
  • Cabinets repair
  • Replace hinges
  • Change hardware
  • Change the drawers to a soft close system
  • Life time warranty on all our work
  • Antique and glaze cabinets and furniture

See some of our work

Many decorative effects can be achieved with a hand painted finish.
Give the island cabinetry an accent color that will make it stand out from the rest. A mocha or chocolate glaze can be used over an ivory painted base coat for a furniture finish.

Leaving a couple of door fronts off and painting an accent color inside the cabinet can open up a smaller kitchen. The ideas are limitless and all done for far less money than replacing the existing cabinets.

Furniture does not have to be sold, given away, or put out at the curb when the style or color does not match. We can always suggest ways to refinish many pieces of furniture so that they transition into your new design plan and style.

We recently took a bedroom chest of drawers, prepped, primed, and painted it black so it could be used to store items in the dining room. The new crystal pulls gave it the perfect touch of elegance.